Trading Strategies

A trade strategy is a fixed plan aimed at achieving profitable returns by going long or short in markets. His verifiability, quantifiability, consistency, and objectivity are the main reasons that help a properly researched trading strategy.

Day Trading:

Day trading is the method of buying and selling any symbol within the same day. It Implies only for the 24 hours of the day. Basically, day trading is done only by highly experienced professionals or Market Makers.

Position Trading:

Position trading is a strategy where traders can hold the trades for long period of time or more than a day, Looking out for strong pricing trends, in the current markets. A position trade is a commitment of both time and money.

Scalping Trading:

Scalping trading is a strategy where the trader can take small profits quickly within the market movement. Which requires a trader to have a limited risk, because one losing trade can eliminate all the gain trades.

Dynamic Leverage Ratio:

The Volume of a trader increases the maximum leverage offered automatically decreases. If the trader has multiple positions across many symbols, the leverage will be calculated separately on each symbol. So, the trader may not lose their whole capital as well.

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